Wally Hesselstine!

The name Wally Hesselstine may not ring a bell with some, but in the trail running world he's a legend. I watched a YouTube video about him earlier this summer and was all kinds of motivated by his dedication and determination to continue running hard races as he ages. He has completed more than 500 races, with nearly 200 of those being ultra marathons. 

The Wild Azalea Trail Challenge is a small race in Alexandria, LA that I plan to do this January. And by small race I mean only 21 people finished the 27 mile run and 11 people finished the 50 mile run last year. 

I am going to do the 27 mile run as a lead up to the Rocky 50, so I thought I would check last year's results to get an idea of the finishing times. Low and behold, there was Wally's name, all the way from Lafayette, CA. Pretty cool!